During Therapy

The therapy begins with an explanation of the Dorn Method,, and the possible contributing causes of the spinal problems, so that the patient becomes capable of taking preventive measures.


The therapist then check patient’s leg length difference with patient in supine position, and correct the discrepancy by aligning the hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint.


Patient will then engage in guided dynamic movements (such as swing of leg and arm, gentle head turning from side to side) while the spinal vertebrae are guided back into natural position by therapist applying gentle and counter pressure on the area using thumb or hand.


The goal is to allow the body to self re-align in this relaxed and dynamic state and the pressure applied must therefore never exceed the patient´s threshold of pain to avoid even unconscious tensioning of the muscles.


After the legs and spine are realigned, the therapist would apply the same Dorn Method principles and work with the other joints like shoulder, elbow, hand, collarbone and jaw etc, if required.


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