Advanced Certificate Course

This advanced course aims to provide you more in-depth knowledge and special techniques to practice the DORN METHOD at a higher professional level.

  • Basic Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Knowledge of causes of spinal problems and other health problems
  • Assessment and diagnosis of Structural Imbalances (Misaligned joints)
  • Correction of spinal and joint misalignment
  • Safe application of the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises
  • Understanding of correct applications and limitations
  • The Breuss Massage

After the course, the student will be able to assess structural imbalances on people of any age, apply the manual therapy principals of the Dorn Method in a safe and effective way, explain and demonstrate the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises, understand and is able to explain the correct application and limitations of the Dorn Method.

Academic Part

  • Explanation of the Dorn Method including:
    • History
    • legal considerations
    • international
  • Developments, Variations and Advancements in Germany
  • Connections to TCM and Meridian Science
  • Connections to Non-Physical Healing Theories.

Theoretical Part

  • The very gentle (newest) version of the Dorn Method as Dieter Dorn is teaching it now in his seminars for Therapists. (Suitable for Professionals, also for Lay-Healers & Family-Treatments)
  • Advancements and special techniques developed by other Dorn Method Teachers.
  • Review of the critical points: Cervical Spine, Sacrum and others.
  • Treatment of Children and Infants.
  • Treatment of Animals. (Pets and lager animals)
  • Self Help Exercises.
  • Additional Exercises incl. Advices on Sitting, Sleeping, Stretching, Training, Posture etc.
  • Products developed to help the Therapist.
  • The Breuss Massage.
  • Dorn Method Self-Help Class
    24 Jan (15:00-17:30)  Register Here