Why Learn It

Dorn Method is a Natural and Safe Treatment for the misaligned spine and joints. It is based on natural laws of physics and anatomy, and it combines TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Western principals & techniques. Both the Professionals and the Lay people will be greatly benefited by learning this simple and yet effective manual therapy.

  • Dorn Method is an effective manual therapy to add to your skill sets.
  • Dorn Method could relieve your patients' pain & adjust their misaligned spine and joints immediately.
  • Dorn Method is also a good supplementary manual techniques to other therapies.
  • Dorn Method self-help techniques can be taught to your patients to maintain & prolong the result of your therapeutic work.

  • Dorn Method is a Safe & Easy to Learn Techniques for homecare.
  • Dorn Method can quickly & effectively relieve spinal discomfort and others caused by the misaligned spine & joints. (i.e. headache, numbness in limbs ...etc.)
  • Dorn Method can be applied to prevent any chronic problems originated from spine mis-alignment (i.e. Scoliosis...etc.)
  • Dorn Method Self-Help Class
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