For Children

Your children deserve the best chance to express health and their full potential.


The nervous system controls the amazing development of your children, and it controls what your children would grow to be. Nervous system can function efficiently only when the spine is free from vertebral subluxation.


Dorn Method is the best spinal management to help your children to keep their spine free from subluxation, to grow more harmoniously and more balanced. Benefits for the children include the followings:


  • A simple and effective method to balance leg length differences in children before they even create problems for their hips and ultimately backs.
  • Gentle, safe with no side effects for children of any age, even babies.
  • Regular spinal checkups in children and adolescents help prevent negative side effects of heavy schoolbags and long sitting before computer.
  • Easy self help exercises empower children to look after themselves.
  • Simple and effective techniques can be learned by parents so that they can provide good support to their children’s development, anytime, anywhere.
  • Dorn Method Self-Help Class
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